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Our Mission
To provide quality sober living to the chemically dependent person and to educate and assist people with recovery from drug & alcohol addiction. We believe that drug and alcohol addictions are progressive, chronic and potentially fatal diseases.

Our Vision
To be a residential sober living facility accommodating those who think they might have a problem, who are in their addiction and want help, and then to be able to come back for follow-up care and carry on the tradition of a clean and sober life.

Our Story
The Lantern provides free residential care to chemically dependent men, and educates & assists people with recovery from substance use disorders. Addiction is powerful, and it’s relentless, but it can be treated. Awareness, education and making resources readily available are critical for rehabilitation.
Home Building Lives
Building Lives Project

The Lantern’s “Building Lives Project” represents a significant investment that increased our facilities bed capacity. This expansion helps provide our community with desperately needed resources, as we continue to expand and help address the addiction epidemic that is devastating so many lives.

How You Can Help?

It is our mission at The Lantern Center for Recovery to provide sober living to alcoholic or chemically dependent men. We are a fully self-supporting, non-profit organization. The ability to pay is secondary. The Lantern relies on donations and community support to assure that no one will be turned away due to financial issues. The primary goal of The Lantern is to help men recover from these addictions and to continue to provide a support system to our residents and their families. We also want our residents to carry on the tradition of a clean and sober life by lighting the path for the next “new guy.”

LANTERN 24/240

We all have reasons for wanting to help an alcoholic or chemically dependent person who cannot afford a treatment program. The Lantern Center for Recovery offers two programs to light the path for those still struggling from the disease of alcoholism.

240 Hero Program

A donation of $240 per month (payable monthly/quarterly/annually) provides $2,880 per year to help an alcoholic/chemically dependent who otherwise could not afford the treatment program. Our 240 Heroes are recognized at an annual banquet at the Lantern Center for Recovery. Your name will also be inscribed on a special 240 Heroes plaque with your first name/last initial (anonymity!) prominently displayed in our facility, or you can make it in “Memory of” a loved one.

The Lantern is a member agency of the Greater Cleveland Food Bank which is part of the Feeding America network.